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A concept for a not so connected object; a soft toy dog that helps you live longer and healthier.

We worked from the premise of research published in The Lancet in 2011; Walking for more than 15 minutes a day or 90 minutes a week extends your life by 3 years.

Brilliant. How can we make this happen for those not interested in gadgets, activity tracking, digital achievements and graphs? Getting a dog can be something that gets you out of the house more, but then you have the responsibility and the feeding and the insurance and the…

Hm. How about a toy dog, that keeps track of your walks, and that is looked after by the children of a household? He sits in the hallway, and calls for your attention by wagging his tail if haven’t taken him out today. After taking him out, he sits back in his place in the hallway, but tomorrow he will encourage you to walk a little bit further if you’re not quite getting your 15 minutes in. That’s all – no app, no API.

This was an AW&SOME project based in a few simple goals:

* Hack habits rather than APIs
* Share responsibility rather than data
* Encourage rather than compete
* Track time, not effort

Zeebo is a mostly functional prototype, and was built using an Arduino, Adafruit’s MP3 player shield, a motion detector and some other bits and bobs in the 24 hours of the Health Hack Day in Stockholm 2012. You can see the presentation to the jury here.